Holy Monday: Tidying up the Temple

Wow! Monday in the life of the Jewish society was about to get "woke." As Jesus made His way around the temple He was astounded at the hypocrisy and thieving that was blatantly being displayed as the money was flowing freely in the Gentile Court. It had become overtaken by opportunist wanting to make a buck.

Jesus was angry, and hurt, at the fact that so many people had traveled great distances to celebrate Passover and were now being taken advantaged of. Their money did not have a fair exchange value and part of it was going in some the the pockets of the upper echelon.

Jesus Tidies the Temple

So, we see Jesus taking a stand against injustice by fashioning a whip and overturning all the tables. This was a place of worship and prayer, not a business.

Allow my a little liberty here. My mind goes back to Jesus, at the age of 12. His parents are looking for Him at Passover. They find Him in the Temple. After being questioned by His parents, Jesus says, "I was about my Father's business." I wonder if Jesus reflected momentarily about that day? Suddenly, He declares, "My house will be called a house of prayer, but you are making it into a den of robbers!" His passion displaying the heart of HIs Father to stop the injustice.

Jesus took care of "business" that Monday as He tidied up the temple!

Today, the Father is looking out for you, too! He is your provider and source. He is the One who stands with you and for you!

- Pastor Madge Phillips

Check back tomorrow as we continue to "Walk with Jesus" this Passion Week 2019!


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