Holy Wednesday: A Brother & A Betrayer

Brother & Betrayer

It was eerily quiet that day in Jerusalem except for some slight scurryings in the dark shadows. I guess you could say it was the "calm before the storm". When did the seeds of sabotage begin in Judas? How did his heart become a place of selfishness and greed? Yes, it was on this day that Judas commits to the demise of Jesus. In secret he sells Jesus out to the Sanhedrin's for 30 pieces of silver. How could this be? How strange. The sellout was happening at the same time they made preparations for their final meal together.

Jesus loved Judas. He was one of the disciples who was called and followed Jesus from the beginning. He was sent out among them to spread the gospel of the Kingdom of God, feed the poor, and even participated in the healing of the sick! (Mark 6:7). Judas laughed with them, he cried with them, and Judas labored with them in ministry.

I do believe that Judas once supported the mission of Jesus; however, seeds from the enemy where planted in his mind and heart. Therefore, He succumbed to giving into greed. His heart and mind overwhelmed by his own ambitious thoughts. Also, he became cynical and scared at where Jesus was headed. I imagine seeing the changing was too much to handle. He has his own idea of the ministry of Jesus. He could not handle the change.

Truth is that we are all tempted as believers to go against the Word of God and do our own thing. We have those thoughts of "I'm going to do it my way." Remember when Jesus was in the wilderness? He, just like us, was tempted (as a man and the Son of God) by Satan; yet, HE overcame so that His journey would not be stopped. It was for our benefit that He did not give in or give up! Praise God.

See, I have been one of the betrayers. I have denied Him and turned my back on Him; I have my own plan and agenda. We all have in some way. Yet, His mercy and grace with His precious blood covers us. It covers and cleanses us!

There is NOTHING that we can do or say that cannot be forgiven. HIS love and precious blood is greater than our mistakes.


- Pastor Madge Phillips


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