Holy Thursday: On Fear & Love, Together


Thursday is the day Jesus and His followers have their last meal together. It is during this meal that Jesus shares His new command. The new command Jesus gives during the sharing of the last supper and the surprising washing of his disciple’s feet. The Son of God washes our filthy feet! THAT is love!

Our command, as followers, from the Master of fearless love is, “Love one another. And you’re to love one another the way I have loved you. This is how all will know that you’re my disciples: that you truly love one another” (John 13:34-35).

Perhaps we, like Peter, will not fully understand the depths of this love just yet, or maybe we have quickly forgotten, the love that God requires of us. How exactly did Jesus love?

I confess, I struggle with the death-facing, fearless love Jesus has, even for His enemies! I know where the story is going and I struggle and squirm. I am still a not-so-innocent child in this kind of love.

I do believe that Jesus was so in step with the Holy Spirit, so open to the power of love, that even facing the cross He was increasingly fearless. Increasingly, the very essence of love flowed out of His being permeating the world He had created with the Father. Perhaps, He is showing us that death is not the sneering specter that it appears to be as it taunts and shouts in our minds, shaking our very skins with fear (Genesis 3:21).

Jesus says he came “to give us life abundant” (John 10:10). Fear of death, I perceive, is not living. Jesus loved without boundaries, refusing not one - EVER! No matter what you may have heard, He is still the same. Yesterday, Today and FOREVER; there are NONE He refuses that the Father gives Him! AND… he has us securely in His fearless grasp of reckless love.

This “walk with Jesus,” affirms for me, there is nothing to fear in this life we have been so graciously given despite the fears we each face. Jesus has shown us the way to live today and forever – in radical love of all others! We are completely free of the fear of death. He even shows us the Way to face death while living freely, loving extravagantly, and being all that God has created us to be for His glory!

LOVE shines brightest when facing the darkness…

darkness shall not overcome LOVE!

If Jesus, and life, and death, and resurrection

teach us anything, certainly, it is to

“fear not!”

Fear not darkness,

Fear not living fully,

Fear not loving all - extravagantly - including our enemies,

Fear not temporal evil powers and temporal rulers,

Fear not the borrowed power of death.

LOVE endures all!

LOVE knows all!

All is well!

Jesus cannot save us from the life God has given us,

He shows us how to live it – fully!

In it…

There is evil to contend with.

There is darkness and

there is death,

There is our own cross to bear…


Hold my hand my dear brother,

Hold my hand sweet sister,

Just beyond the doubts and fears…

Sunday is coming!

-Brad Ploof, UNLIMI†ED Contributor


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